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Virtual Golf

Play Anytime With Our Virtual Golf Simulator

The state’s best all-in-one Golf Center just got better! Play full rounds of golf on over 25 world-class golf courses or practice any shot imaginable using our indoor GC Hawk-powered golf simulator. GC Hawk takes the technology from the tour-proven Foresight GC QUAD and integrates it into a large ceiling-mounted unit for seamless play for both right and left-handed golfers. This intuitive setup is easy to use and allows for full rounds of golf, rain or shine, played in a fraction of the time of an outdoor course.

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Bring Your Crew For A Great Time

With the Arkansas Golf Center golf simulator, you can play a round alone or with the gang. Everyone can enjoy the game in a relaxed, indoor environment, whether they’re a beginner playing for fun or an experienced golfer sharpening their skills.

At Arkansas Golf Center, we allow up to four people to play in our one-hour sessions. This is perfect for intimate yet fun bonding time with family or friends.

Virtual Golf Pricing

The future of golf is at Arkansas Golf Center. Play multiple courses or practice any shot imaginable in our indoor, climate-controlled, GCQuad-powered golf simulator software. 1-hour sessions can be attended by up to 5 players. We recommend booking in 2-hour increments for games with more than 1 player.

1 Hour


Recommended for one person

Per Person Person


Up to 5 people

The Best Indoor Golf Simulator

Arkansas Golf Center is proud to feature the GC Hawk simulator. GC Hawk amplifies the technology from the world’s most accurate club data launch monitor, the portable GCQuad. Foresight sports have enhanced their PGA Tour-trusted high-speed tracking cameras and put them in the new GC Hawk. By monitoring the player from above, the GC Hawk captures a seamless, natural shot. There is no tricky setup, and the capture window is wide enough for both right and left-handed golfers.

The Hawk creates realistic accuracy while playing the world’s best courses. This elite practice tool gives players every conceivable measurement of club and golf ball data. Ultimately, it allows for superior practice sessions usually reserved for the world’s best players.

Play Your Best Golf Game Yet

The Arkansas Golf Center golf simulator is more than just a game. It’s powered by the Foresight GC Hawk, which measures the most important club and ball parameters to self-diagnose swing errors or dial-in distances. Foresight Sports launch monitors use a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure every aspect of clubhead and ball launch performance. By capturing thousands of images per second, building a virtual 3D model, and then analyzing a multitude of data components, our technology is able to create the most accurate and complete picture of your ball and club head performance – and deliver the results in nearly real-time.

Experience The Best Golf Simulator Yourself

Whether you’re ready to try out the golf simulator experience by yourself or with friends, you’ll find the best in the state at Arkansas Golf Center.