Virtual Golf

Perfect Your Game With
Arkansas Golf Center’s Golf Simulator

The state’s best all-in-one golf preparation facility just got better! With the future of golf now at Arkansas Golf Center, enjoy multiple courses or practice any shot imaginable indoors using our GCQuad powered golf simulator. Level up your practice sessions to hone your skills.

Great for practicing

To completely enjoy golf and perfect your skills, you need a lot of practice. And a good golf simulator will allow you to do that. It provides a venue where you can test those swings and shots no matter what the temperature or climate is outside—foggy, snowing, windy, you name it.

A good golf simulator such as the one we have at Arkansas Golf Center will record every important metric such as the angle of your swing, body position, grip, and your contact with the ball. This will help you ensure that you’re improving your movement, ability, and skill. There are also some areas in golf that are difficult to master on a real course. With golf simulators powered by GCQuad, you can now practice any swing repeatedly.

A virtual golf course will also allow you to use a variety of balls that can have a huge impact in your game. Pick the perfect golf ball that will fly farther when combined with your swing.

Improves Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is a critical component when you’re perfecting your golf game. In a virtual golf setting, you can repeat these complex movements more precisely. the greater the ability to improve muscle memory which can make playing golf easier and more fun for you in the future.

Arkansas Golf Center’s virtual golf course powered by the most advanced simulator will help you in executing the perfect swings and other muscle movement over and over. So, when you go out and practice on an outdoor golf course, your body will have enough muscle memory that will make each movement a lot easier.

Bring Your Crew For A Great Time

With golf simulators, you can play a round with the gang in an indoor environment that’s less intimidating. Even beginners can enjoy playing with you in a relaxed environment. Everyone can play for fun or to sharpen their skills all together.

At Arkansas Golf Center, we allow up to four persons to play in our one-hour sessions. This is perfect for those intimate yet fun family or friends bonding time.

  • 1 hour sessions can be attended by 1-4 persons
  • Hourly rate does not change for multiple guests
  • It is recommended to book in 2 hour increments if there’s more than 1 player

Virtual Golf pricing

The future of golf is at Arkansas Golf Center. Play multiple courses or practice any shot imaginable, in our indoor, climate controlled, GCQuad powered golf simulator. 1 hour sessions can be attended by 1-4 persons and hourly rate does not change for multiple guests. Recommended to book in 2 hour increments if more than 1 person.

1 Hour


  • Recommended for one person
2 Hours


  • Recommended for 2-4 people