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Our Fittings Process

Did You Know? A Quality Fitting Has A Positive Impact On Your Scores

If you are going to play golf, you need to get properly fitted for your golf clubs — plain and simple. Golf is hard enough in perfect conditions, but with the wrong clubs, it is almost impossible! If you’re considering getting new clubs or wondering if your current clubs need adjustments, a set of custom-fitted clubs could significantly improve your game.

A high-quality golf club fitting at Arkansas Golf Center ensures the best chance for more success every time you swing and continuous improvement and enjoyment in your game. It has an immediate and permanent effect on your scoresmaximizing your distance, consistency, and accuracy regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner swinging 75 MPH or a serious player hoofing it at 115 MPH, we’ll ensure that you have an excellent fitting experience and spend your hard-earned money on the right clubs for your unique swing!

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Professional Golf Club Fitting

Arkansas Golf Center has two indoor golf launch monitor & simulator rooms to get fit for your golf clubs and a 25-acre outdoor real grass range to test clubs in real playing conditions. Our master club fitter uses the latest and best of launch monitor data technologies, in-swing shaft optimizers, Bodi-Trak ground mechanics plates, both Doppler and standard radar, V1 High-Speed Video, and over 13 years of experience to ensure a golf club fitting at Arkansas Golf Center is as precise as anywhere in the world.

Club Fitting Pricing

All pro-caliber fittings are done by appointment only and take approximately 2 hours to complete the entire “works” fitting process and around 45-60 minutes for any of our other category options. Walk-Ins are welcome, but we suggest you call to make your appointment! We offer fittings seven days a week, and late evening spots are available on weekdays.

We are a certified fitting center and have full fitting systems from PXG, XXIO, Callaway, Cobra Golf, Cleveland, Mizuno, Ping, Srixon Golf, TaylorMade, Titleist, Tour Edge, and U.S. Kids Golf. We can provide full Club Work, including re-shaft, re-grip, and repair.

3hr Full Set Premium


The most comprehensive fitting in golf, period. Designed for the serious golfer ready to take their game to the next level. This full bag fitting will extensively look at every club, from driver to putter.

2hr Full Set Fitting


Get perfectly fit by our award-winning master club fitting for woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges using golf’s top launch monitors and fitting tools.
*Putter fitting included for most when time allows

1hr Arrow Irons Fitting


Allow our master club fitter to align your swing with the best irons available
*Hybrid fitting is included for those who need it.

1hr Bomber Woods Fitting


Gain distance and accuracy guaranteed with this fairway woods and driver fitting.
*Hybrid or any combination of clubs can be looked at if time allows.

1hr Wizard Wedges/Putter Fitting


Using state-of-the-art club and ball tracking technologies, get dialed in where it counts in the scoring zone with putters, wedges, or both.

Fantastic Personalized Fittings

If you stop by our store, we offer professional help selecting any club on the floor. We take measurements for correct length, lie angle, weight, and shaft flex on our shaft optimizer. If you don’t have time to schedule an appointment with one of our Master Fitters, we have many certified fitters and club experts on our sales floor who can still do baseline measurements to ensure you’re purchasing the right clubs for your swing. However, we recommend spending one or two hours with a master fitter

Our Fitting Process


An Arkansas Golf Center fitting starts with a quick "interview" in which we'll analyze vital information about your game and golf clubs. This interview allows your fitter to find out your current playing level, performance desires, current ball flight, desired ball flight, any injuries or physical limitations you may have, and more.


Static or "standing" measurements taken include hand size analysis and height, wrist to floor, knuckle to floor, and set-up position measurements. We'll also measure your current clubs if you're unsure of their specifications. In addition, we can test your current sticks' length, lie, and "TRUE" shaft flex upon request.


Our high-tech fitting equipment uses dynamic or "in motion" swing measurements. This equipment includes an in-swing computerized shaft analyzer, a true RADAR swing speed measurement, and a Flightscope X2 Elite monitor. We also use time-proven fitting tools such as face tape, lie tape, and a marker centering line on a golf ball to confirm the proper length and lie of the golf club. If needed, we'll also take a high-speed video of your golf swing to explain why certain things tend to happen and how we can fix them.


To show the results of every club trial, we use the Flightscope X2 Elite Launch Monitor. With the use of these top tier monitors, we'll be able to show you your golf ball speed, launch angle, decent or "landing" angle, club attack angle, club smash factor, backspin rates during ball flight, backspin axis angle (or "side spin”), as well as carry, roll, and total distance traveled, and consistency pattern or grouping.


At the end of your fitting, your Arkansas Golf Center master club fitter will print your results from the fitting. You'll be able to keep all the precise measurements that our devices have taken for your records. Your fitter will also make recommendations based on the different performance characteristics of all the different clubs you tried during the fitting. Sometimes, clubs from your current set are working properly or just need minor adjustments to enhance performance. Other times, you'll see from the numbers how necessary it is to make a club change to reap huge benefits. Your fitter will explain every step, and the computer software we use makes it simple for anyone to see and understand different results.

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