Golf Lessons and instructors

Professional Golf Lessons

Arkansas Golf Center has the cure for your slice, yips, shank and everything in between with award winning golf instruction. Our golf professionals use industry-leading V1 Digital Video Golf Coaching System, Flightscope, Bodi Trak, and Hack Motion to perfect your golf swing. V1 Video Golf, used by top teaching facilities all over the world, is the best tool for teaching and learning golf. Arkansas Golf Center’s pros also use Apple iPads in conjunction with the V1 software, which makes learning a great golf swing faster and easier for golfers of any level. With “on the spot” feedback, your AGC Pro can show you exactly what’s going on and what moves to make! Our instructors will send you a video recap, snapshots, and notes on your lesson for maximum retention. With our advanced technology, we are able to give remote sessions.

Our Instructors

Brannon Watson

Director of Instruction and Club Fitting
-V1 Pro Master Video Instructor
- Master Clubfitter
- Arkansas #1 Instructor
- Golf Digest Best Teacher in State
- 16 + Years Experience

*BEST VALUE: Only $100 per hour long session

Michael Mckeown

Staff Instructor
- Video Instructor
- Master Clubfitter
- 6 + Years Experience

Barrie Storie

Staff Instructor
- Designated Junior Coach
- Primary Focus is on the Basics
- 28 Year PGA Professional

Jody Mercer

Associate Instructor in Training
- Certified Clubfitter

A Little about Arkansas Golf Center Instruction Style

Our instructors are going to work hard for you, use all the latest available technology, and create a plan for exactly what you have to do to get better. We are committed to making each and every lesson a positive game changing event. You Will learn exactly what has to happen for you to hit those “dream shots” consistently. It’s not as hard or as far off as you think. 

The Arkansas Golf Center instructors do not confirm to any one system or theory. Our instructors are committed to teaching tour proven techniques and physical facts. We teach students how to understand and use their unique body type, athletic ability, and learning style to hit great golf shots. That doesn’t come from spending countless hours trying to make pretty golf swing positions. Getting better at golf means knowing what has to happen when the club meets the ball at impact and then matching your body up so that those ideal conditions happen. A good golf swing comes from first understanding what things the golf club itself needs to do to hit good golf shots. Once a golfer understands this, then individuals can create their own best golf swing repeatedly. In short, we’re not trying to force bodies into an ideal model swing. Instead we’re going to show each individual how to use their specific body type to produce excellent golf shots consistently. This isn’t cookie cutter golf instruction. This is YOUR golf instruction. We can work with the beginner to seasoned pro and get the same high results with every single lesson. 

All lessons include

1-hour long session including 5-10 minute warm up time, 5 minute interview process where we get to know you and your game, and 45-50 minutes of swing analysis and recommendations.

Group Lessons

1 hour long session with up to 5 students in the group. 5+ golfers - each

Short Game Boot Camp

Golf course practice hole half day school that shows players exactly how to execute most all scoring zone shots from 50 yards and in.