Arkansas Golf Center will purchase used or new clubs for top dollar CASH, IN STORE Gift Card Credit, or TRADE-IN AGAINST anything we sell including custom orders!

Full Service Golf Club Repair & Building

High-Quality Repairs to Boost Your Scores

You may feel that your current golf clubs work fine, but playing with old clubs or clubs that aren’t the right fit can worsen scores. 

Arkansas Golf Center offers custom golf club repair to help you play your best game yet. You’ll notice a real difference in your scores with lie and loft bending and other club alterations.

Adjust Your Clubs to Improve Your Game

Arkansas Golf Center offers a variety of golf club repair services, including:



+ grip 
Maintain your golf equipment by replacing old grips. We carry many styles of grips from Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, Super Stroke, and more.



+ shaft
Ensure your clubs’ shafts are right for your game! We can repair your broken shaft or upgrade it to a new premium shaft.

Lie and Loft Bend


per bend
Get consistent distance and directional control by ensuring your lofts and lie angles are dead on for your unique golf swing.

Club Length Alterations


We can make your clubs longer or shorter, giving you the proper length to achieve consistent contact and the right amount of distance.

Trust Our Certified Team

We have a team that’s passionate about helping you improve and play the game to the best of your abilities. You can trust our certified club repair technicians to get you in the right set of clubs for your unique swing.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Golf Clubs?

At Arkansas Golf Center, we have a team of experts that provide club repair services to ensure your clubs are the perfect fit.